All In?

straight_flush_spades_cards_facebook_coverSo what now? I had been trapped by tradition, legalism and controlism. What now? I found GRACE!!! It is so freeing and awesome to know that God loves and cares in spite of my failings and fallings and that He will always look at me as His favored child.

But what now? I had found myself serving, giving, attending, visiting and showing care through the lens of legalism. Where do I go from here? I have asked these troubling questions, why serve, give, attend etc… and now, how do I serve, give, attend etc… Now that I am free from the traditionalism and controlism, what do I do?

Some have simply stopped. I have heard from some that have escaped the trap of legalism and traditionalism and controlism, that if it doesn’t feel good, they won’t do it. If it gets hard then they simply stop. Can this be right? Is this what GRACE is? Does GRACE mean no more sacrifice, no more obedience, no more sticking with something through thick or thin? Is that what GRACE renders in my life?

This is not the attitude that changed the world. The only thing that I can fathom from this is that some of us have missed GRACE and all that it means. The benefits of GRACE are power and purpose and passion! The enemy will replace GRACE with Legalism or GRACE with Complacency.

Give me Jesus, Give me Passion, Give me Purpose that moves me beyond myself and that empowers me to do more than I can alone.

God bless! Ask the questions, seek your priorities, find your heart that was stolen by legalism and embrace GRACE, just be sure it isn’t simply another cheap imitation!