Empty Seats

The following is from a member of our church who has wonderful insight into the inner workings of what we call church.  Please read this with an open heart and maybe let it change how you “do” church!In every service I see empty seats.  But that need not make me miss the filled seats.  A filled seat falls into one of two categories.  It holds someone I either know or don’t know.  I don’t mean someone I recognize or know their name.  Knowing someone means

I’ve taken the time to talk to them.  Find out about them, their needs, desires and what makes them tick. I have a relationship at some level with them beyond casual acquaintance.

We so often sit through services with many things on our minds.  We consider the message.  We see a presentation.  We enjoy

the music. We do many things some of which have nothing to do with worship. How often do we look around and see the empty seats? How often do we look around and see filled seats too?  Every one of those filled seats holds a person we either know or don’t know.  But how do we see those that we don’t know?

Are we thankful for a new face and thank God for their presence?  I trust most of us do. Do we see a new face and judge what they’re wearing, what they look like and where did they come from?  We’re all guilty of thinking good and bad thoughts.

Now, let’s take it to the next level.  What are the first things you do when the service is over?  Who are those whom you seek out?  Where do you go and why?

Next time  you’re sitting through a service take a look around.  See who the new faces are.  Make a conscious choice to go see them, meet them and start the process of getting to know them.  Ask the Holy Spirit to place you where He wants you to be and say what He wants said.  Actively seek to do rather than watch.  When a church body gets this concept right it won’t take long until there aren’t any empty seats. Then your choice will be whether to attend the early service or the late service.

Try it out. What have you got to lose?  I think you’ll find the only things you lose is one more empty seat in your church.



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