First Gear

I needed you to know where my mindset is.  It matters not where anyone else is, we’re out of the garage my friend!

First gear and more!

When was the last time you were in a car? Most likely it was today or at the very least this week.  Do you recall the feeling as the transmission worked its way up through the gears?  You could feel it, hear it and experience the results of it.  The car continued to accelerate and onward you went on your journey ever more rapidly to the intended goal.

Our pastor has been preaching on this very subject albeit in regards to our walk with Christ.  Just as the case is with the car our lives need to get out of neutral and on to the real work of getting to our final destination.  And as with the car, we also need to ensure we have our directions set correctly by referring to our roadmap.

The map may be something you don’t use every time but it should be.  Why not use the tools available to ensure you’re on the right course all the time?  Its common sense isn’t it?  Never leave anything in doubt.  That roadmap for our lives is the Word of God.  Read it before you set your course.  Refer to it often to ensure you’re still on course.  Pray about what you’re about to read before you read it.  Let it guide you and you’ll never fail.

Our church has shifted from neutral into first gear.  It’s palpable. It’s evident every day.  We see visitors, new programs, an attitude of love and service prevailing over selfishness and envy.  We have embarked on a wonderful journey that far too many churches and believers never get to experience.  We are fortunate to have a pastor with vision for what we can be rather than what’s good enough.

Let’s all support him and shift into first gear and get rolling.  As with the car, it’s a LOT easier to stop when it’s in neutral than when it’s in gear and moving. The more momentum it builds the harder it is to stop.  No one is guaranteeing a smooth ride throughout however if we ALL do our part to keep focused on God’s will not ours, God’s sufficiency not our lusts, God’s plan and not our schemes, we’ll all arrive at the destination He has for all of us.

So get out of neutral, shift into first gear and get on with it.  Don’t be the one left behind asking where everyone is.  Get involved in the work.  Pray, read your bible, volunteer,  greet visitors, ACT on what God is telling you to do.  Don’t let the rest of us have all the fun!  Onward in our journey, ever vigilant, ever focused!


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