Five Things

This is from Missionary Rudy Johnson. He is the real deal and was with us this past weekend. He invested in me from Thursday through Sunday just to be a blessing. It’s entitled Five Things that Cause Men to Fail in the Ministry… it could be called Five That Cause Anyone to Fail at Anything.

1. Their Message – The day that you use the Bible to move your methods or preferences or to control people. The Bible isn’t a club to beat people or whip people to get them in line.
2. Their Motives – Why am I teaching this? Because Jesus has told us to teach them all things whatsoever I have commanded you. (Not what you command them). Don’t seek a blessing for yourself, but for your people.
3. Their Methods – These can change, so don’t be dogmatic. Don’t criticize the guy down the street, or compete against him. Follow him if he is doing something great.
4. Their Money – You must be completely up front and honest about money. Don’t use people for their money. Your care for your people must be more than their care for you.
5. Their Morals – we need to be righteous preachers not just preachers of righteousness. Seek your pleasure from above, not from the earth. Not from the internet. Not from the bar. Not from being a liar. Not from the church credit card.

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