Grace and the Word

I am finding more and more ‘Christians’ have an aversion to the Word of God rather than an attraction to it… this is a disturbing trend. The Word of God is perfect and beautiful.  It is the misuse of the Law that should be decried. The Law of the Lord leads one to salvation and then guides one as the agent of the Lord within. We need to internalize God’s Truth.  Prior to salvation  the Law showed us our guiltiness and condemned us as sure as the sun sets in the west.

Following our salvation the Word has been written on our new and living hearts and has become our friend and guide as we journey towards heavens shore.  It should be a balm and comfort.  Yes it will convict, but isn’t that what a true friend does?  What true believer doesn’t want to be convicted and shown where we are in opposition to the Spirit?  Without the Bible we would be subject to what?  The Spirit certainly, but we must never forget that the Spirit works in conjunction with His Word.

Nine of the Ten Commandments are repeated in the New Testament epistles and commanded to believers.  We must also remember that there are seducing spirits that seek to pull believers astray.  Grace and the Truth are not mutually exclusive, the one points to the other and is the embodiment of the other.  When we are convicted by the righteousness of the Law we cry out for grace and receive it to walk in NEWNESS of LIFE.

Phariseeism focuses on the external alone giving lip service to the internal and intent of the Law in favor of order and control. Grace focuses on the internal, and the internal will still produce external results, we will still see changed behavior resulting from a changed heart. Indeed we must see these ongoing changes if the faith we have in Jesus is a living faith!  When we fail to see  the changes which should be produced by a changed heart we need to address the heart.  Our heart.  Where is your heart today, do you enjoy the Word of God, do you stay away from it?  God forbid, do you disdain it?  Remember that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God and that faith and grace are inseparable.  The Word, Faith and Grace all compliment each other.  In Romans 6:1 the apostle seems to be bewildered that the children of God would even consider that grace would mean more bondage to sin and lawlessness.  Grace has come to free us not from the Word but from sin. The keeping of the Law cannot free us from sin for we cannot keep it perfectly, but the one who did (Jesus)  lives within us and provides us daily with His grace to live righteously amid an evil and perverse generation.  Romans 6:18 (NKJV) “And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.”  The definition of righteousness and holiness is not subjective and is found only in the Holy Word of our Holy God.  As believers we will never fall under condemnation because we do not keep the Law, but neither should we disdain it and ignore it as it is the tool that the Holy Spirit uses to guide us.  He empowers us to do what as unbelievers we did not want to do and could not do.

God bless!

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