Leader or Reactor?

This one is for my pastor friends out there.  Both those that are aspiring pastors and those that may be more accomplished.

Preacher Stock Photo

Be a leader not a reactor.
Leaders chart the course, reactors just react to the course.  Jesus is our creator, leader. Let him lead you and be the main thing that you react to.  Let him give you the vision of your church and then put the plan in place to lead your people there.

This includes preaching schedule, preaching to guide and mold not preaching just to react to problems and personalities. This means ministry creation and implementation led by Jesus not by simply reacting to emotion. It means that we spend time with our living Savior and His Word. It means hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. It means that we stop being “just” a preacher.

Reaction means that we never get past ourselves, our hang ups, our desires… our everything. Leading means that we set the tone of Jesus and that we aren’t self-willed but we are God-willed. I also think that we should be careful here. I have seen men claim to be led by the Lord but that were obviously leading from their own hearts. I have been that man! To simply be a reactionary leader means that someone else besides Jesus may be leading the church. When we simply react to people they become the defacto leaders of the church. They become the guide. Our preaching takes on the tone of constant rebuke instead of rebuke mixed with instruction, and correction.

Pastor, lead. Lead under the direct authority of Christ. Anchor yourself in Him and His Word. Take your pleasure in Him and not in success. Love and lead like Jesus. Do we preach and teach to the needs of the body? YES, but be careful that this is not your sole influence.  Be careful that your influence is Jesus first and most.