Red Letter Christians, Living Life in the Red

Why this post?  The simplest answer to that question is that I need it so very much.  The second reason is that in my short time of 24 years in the Independent Baptist movement, I have noticed a trend of very un-Christ-like behavior in its leadership and deportment.  I have seen the bride of Christ being treated in such a rough and careless way that if she were my wife I would be up in arms (and in the culprits face).  This is a clarion call to the leadership of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches and movement and to Bible Believing churches in general to wake up and hear the voice of God once again; to feel His Spirit moving and guiding instead of the call of the world or other pastors and fellowships.  This is written from a broken heart… and to be transparent, from a broken person.  When we as the leadership fail so will our church.  When we act in a manner inconsistent with the admonishment of Titus and 1 Timothy, our churches will suffer and our cause will too.

As a movement, we need to ask ourselves the question, have we made and are we making a difference in the community around us.  Do the people that we are in the midst of even know that we are there?  Do they know that we are different?  Do we have something that no one else has?  When I say different I don’t mean in clothing or even entertainment choices, I mean something much deeper and more relevant to this world.  DO WE HAVE JESUS?  Do we have an extravagant love for one another? When the world thinks of your church, what are some phrases or words that come to mind? …controlling… strict… boring… harsh… you can’t do this and you can’t do that? I’m sure that you could add more.
Rules and standards have replaced the ruler.  Or even worse, the pastor has replaced The ruler; the under-shepherd has removed both the word ‘under’ and ‘shepherd’ from his title.  The result of disregarding the headship of Christ is a dictator that has no or little Christ-like qualities and a super strict atmosphere that encourages (unwittingly) a judgmental spirit.

To combat this trend I have seen many a church become so disenchanted with the status quo in the church that they have become overly concerned with being culturally relevant, so enamored with the world’s way of doing things, that they have abandoned SCRIPTURAL RELEVANCE.  They have become that which they sought to disengage themselves from in the first place; a church that misses the Spirit of Christ, just as judgmental in their own way as the others they detest.  One church loses sight of Christ in favor of creating a brand of holy looking members and the other does in opposition to said church and becomes worldly in their service and many other things.  Both miss the mark. THE MARK IS TO BE LIKE JESUS.  The mark is to understand Jesus and how and why He did what He did.  The mark is to find what Jesus considers of great import and make that our priority.

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