Red Letter Pastors

Well, I have finally decided to start writing my book. It’s my story but more. It is really a challenge to those that are called to pastoring to pastor like Jesus.  I may post some rough excerpts here, so stay tuned. My heart is so very burdened for the church of Jesus Christ that has suffered under some fairly terrible under-shepherds. Oh and I don’t mean incompetent, that would include me! The truth is, God hasn’t called us to be CEO’s even though we need to be administrators. He has called us to pastor His people, to care for His Bride. So without further ado, here is the first excerpt and it is ROUGH. Hope it stirs you.
From the introduction “Who Should Read this Book”…

So then, just who is the book written for?  It is primarily a book for pastors.  For the men on the front lines of ministry, day in and day out that may be losing their grip, or losing their way, or perhaps worse yet, never really found it to begin with. This last is a scary thought, but one that I have encountered more times than I care to bear witness to.  This missive is for pastors that have found themselves neck deep in a place that they never thought they would be, a place of doubts, questions, and fears; a crisis of faith.

crying_brideHowever, this book is for more than pastors, it is for the Bride, the Church of Jesus Christ.  It is for her as well; so that the wounded bride might see a light in the darkness and find hope for the journey that she has found herself on.  I have seen too many churches harmed by the one that should have held her close, and protected her, caring for her needs over his own. I have seen the bride flinch in fear at the sight of the one that had been placed to watch over her. To the church, I would say, there is a way out, and better yet a way FORWARD.

This book is a call back to the red letters of the gospel accounts of the New Testament. It is a call for pastors to review their ministries with honesty and realism. It is call written from the perspective of a fellow soldier and from the perspective of the Bride.  For far too long we have simply followed what we have seen and heard before us and we have missed the message of Jesus to His pastors “feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep”. We as pastors are to care for the lambs and the sheep in equal measure.

Maybe it’s time to rethink some of the things that you have been taught, or have come away with from your college years.  Maybe it’s time for a refreshing drink from the fountain of the Christ, maybe it’s time to realize that your master is no man on earth, but rather is the Man of Heaven.  It is to Him, to Christ, that we owe our allegiance and to Him will give our final answer. Not to a college or convention or even to a mentor. May Christ Alone be our Master as we pastor His Bride.

So who then should read this book? Anyone that longs to find ministry meaningful and more than just another occupation. Anyone that longs to hit the reset button on their ministry and follow hard and fast after Jesus.


God bless you on your journey.