The Grace in Differences

Black and White HandshakeI got a call from a friend today.  He had heard my sermons had been following my posts on grace.  Instead of accusations he asked questions.  Instead of disrespect he listened and shared.  This was a refreshing attitude from someone that is still in the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement. He was a man of grace and integrity that I am glad to call a friend.

Do we have differences? Yes, we do. Do have Jesus in common and the gospel in common?  YES, we DO.  My friend, he understands the fruit of the Spirit vs the works of the flesh. Instead of talking about me and cutting my church down, he called me to see where and why I have made the changes I have made. My friend may not hold the same preferences as I do, but he sure does look a lot like Jesus.  It’s kind of funny, how we think that agreement on every point is a must in some circles. It reminds me of the child with the ball, if you don’t do exactly what he wants and play by his rules, he runs off and takes his ball home.

We have so much more at stake as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ today that a playground game. We have a mission to live out in a world that is increasingly hostile against us. Let’s be careful that what we might seperate over is actually clear doctrine.

God bless!