What a Difference Perspective Makes

Joshua 2:23-24
“So the two men returned, and descended from the mountain, and passed over, and came to Joshua the son of Nun, and told him all things that befell them: And they said unto Joshua, Truly the Lord hath delivered into our hands all the land; for even all the inhabitants of the country do faint because of us.”

It seems that today all we can think of and talk about concerning the next generation is that they are worse than the previous. However this is not always the case. These men were the next generation of spies and they got it right. These men didn’t get distracted by the giants of the land they were too busy being distracted by the the hand of the Lord!

These men saw God in what Rahab did for them and they were right! They were so right in fact, that later we find that this woman found her way into the genealogy of Jesus! They had completed their mission against the odds because of God’s provision and now instead of acting like their ‘fathers’ before them (which distracted and discouraged the people of Israel), they encouraged the hearts of Joshua and the people.

How about you today… Have you been so busy seeing the giants in the land that you have failed to see the hand of God? These spies encountered the same type of conflicts, the same type of enemies and yet from their perspective, they had already won!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus seems like a trite and common saying almost as if it’s like talking about the weather. However, it should never be like that! To the believer, that reminder should take us back to the day we met the Savior and realized His power was and is enough.

God we need you!

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