A picture of a lady sits in my mind.  She is a faithful mother of three.  She has become over the years, a fixture in this church.  She loves her husband and puts Christ first, allowing him to follow Christ in such a way that her life, her children’s lives and the lives of many others are greatly affected for Christ.  She may not have seen herself in this place many years ago, yet here she is.  She spends many hours alone with her children because of her husband’s vocation but hardly ever complains.  She understands that the portion of life we live here is fleeting and its purpose is to love and serve God.  At times her life seems to spin out of control but then she rests upon her Savior, who saved not only her soul but her life here as well.  When great trials come her way, as the rocky coast being relentlessly crashed upon by the ocean she isn’t moved.  Rather she is changed, smoothed out and fitted for her master’s use.  The greater the trial, the greater her faith.  She cares for others and is so giving that she shames me in my selfishness, I have learned so much from this woman.  She is not perfect but with each passing year she draws closer.  Her Bible on her nightstand is well read and though many wouldn’t call her a scholar, I would call her real.  She tries to live what she reads and hears preached without false pretenses.  She cares for others and dispenses frank and godly words that seem to be a breeze of fresh air.  She is not a teacher in the strictest sense of the word but she teaches with tact and clarity few posses.  When she loves she does it freely.  She doesn’t try to fit into the mold of what people expect her to be she just is.  She understands her responsibility but lives to please God first.  She isn’t dragged down with others thoughts of her no matter what their station in life; I have never known her to be intimidated.  Self-doubt rarely expresses itself in her eyes, I believe she could stand in the presence of queens or paupers and not feel out of place.  She has a common sense that is given by God and good upbringing in this church, though she wasn’t here until she was 13.  When roused to anger or action concerning her family, she is a mother bear protecting her cubs.  She is everything a Christian woman should be, she is my helper, my friend my lady…

She is my wife, and I not only love her I admire her.

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