Non-Christians Open and Honest Comments About Christians

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This is a powerful look behind the eyes of the people we are told to reach out to. It leads to the question of what and how we should do what we do. It also leads me to wonder, how sincere are we and how much like Jesus are we?

  • How we do what we do… Here we need to be ever so careful not allow such opposition to the Gospel to keep us from sharing it. We must take care of our charge and be faithful with it. However, we may learn from these folks, as we hear from them the impression they have of so many of us. I am reminded of the Proverb “A soft answer turns away wrath” I wonder how combative some of have become.
    • Evangelism needs to be concerned with both our commitment our Savior and His word and our fellow men. It seems that what these antagonists are seeing is the lack of sincerity, the lack of genuine concern for them as a person. Why is this? Have we become mechanical? Is the truth of Heaven and Hell lost on us? Are simply doing things because we feel it is our duty? Is there no devotion to the Lord or to the Lost?
  • How much like Jesus are we? I recall many older conservative folks lamenting over how much the government is doing for the poor and how the church once did it. Well, what happened? It reminds me of a quote from Charles Wesley “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” Is this heart mission from our churches today, from believers?Jesus cared. He cared about 5000 people that were hungry. We are never told whether these people trusted Him to be their Messiah.
    • So how do we approach our need for evangelism? I would say that we all need a fresh view of Jesus and how He did what He did. We need to love Him and our fellow men, whatever they may be involved with.
    • When we share the Gospel does it fall flat in our hearts before it ever drops flat from our lips? Has the Gospel ceased to stir our hearts and excitement to share it? The lost or at least many of them have  the Bull sensors on high. If our Lord and His Gospel has lost its movement in our hearts, then how can we expect it to move others.

Just a few thoughts, maybe you can help find the answers…