God’s Will?

time with GodGod’s will is sometimes as simple as ‘go’ or even keep going. ‘Left’ or ‘right’ doesn’t matter as long as you hold to His principles.

In Joshua chapter 1, Joshua was told by God that whether he went left or right he would prosper. The catch? The guidance was that he had to keep the words God had given to Moses. The general direction had been laid out, the day to day choices were not. As believers in Jesus our destination is secure, there is no other course. However the day to day decisions can be difficult.

When faced with a difficult choice to make, observe all that is involved and then ask yourself if either in action or consequence you would compromise God’s principles, moral law, or greatest two commands- love and worship Him alone, love others equal to self. These observations and questions will turn many difficult decisions into easily understood one’s, if not easy to apply. I think that often we do know which way to go, but we lack the will to suffer for our faithfulness to our loving savior.

This isn’t the end all in discerning God’s will, but it will eliminate a lot of unnecessary hand wringing concerning things that with a bit of work and thought ought to be easily discerned as His will or not.
God bless!