Without Him

Without Him

Just a quick thought for the day.
I remember not so long ago (actually it was now about 20 years ago, where does time fly to?) I was a young Worship Leader in my church. I had taken a choir ministry that had formerly been vibrant and growing but had been broken and wounded and driven down to only 9 members. They were left confused and discouraged. Over the next 9 years we saw this 9 person choir blossom into a 57 person choir, performing every week, with two concerts a year and singing 5 part harmony. It was such a blessed time.
without himThe clear factor of this story of success was my prayer to the Lord, as I faced dilemmas and needs, He was present. We needed a tenor, I prayed, then looked and found tenors. We needed a bass, I prayed then went looking and found basses. Our sound was off. We weren’t blending well. I looked, researched, studied… and failed. Then I prayed and bam! God led me to a way to communicate the need to the choir. Through this process of praying, trusting and acting, God led us to become an amazing choir that was not a good “church choir”, but was actually an amazing choir.  The struggle I then developed was, as I became proficient and my talent manifested itself, I started to do it on my own. Prayer played less of an important role than it had. It is a constant struggle to remain “in the vine” when there are so many other voices and pressures vying for your attention. When you experience some success, it’s awfully easy to begin to rely on the wrong things, in the wrong ways. The Lord moved me out of that position, calling me to youth ministry. I spent 5 years working with the teens of our church. These 5 years were and still are 5 of the best years of my life.

I was back to relying of God. I was back to praying and trusting and acting. Our nickname was a popular acronym at the time, F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God. I have now been a Lead Pastor for 10 years, 7 at my current church.  Just the other day, I realized that I was in a very real danger of it happening again. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit, as I was considering the various needs that we have in our ministry… I’ve been doing too much of it on my own. 

askThe point of this post, is that we all have talent. We all have gifts. Many of us have drive and discipline. As leaders, we often shoulder the burdens others wouldn’t want and couldn’t bear if they had them. We thrive on this stuff. Because of this, every so often, we need to be reminded that without Jesus, we can do NOTHING. We may accomplish things, we may seem successful, we may, we may, we may… but in the end, we are doing nothing. Jesus said it “without me, you can do nothing”. So my dear brothers and sisters, whatever it is that God has called you to, or wherever it is that God has placed you… don’t ‘do’ it on your own. PRAY. Trust. Then seek. Then work. Then practice and rehearse. But PRAY and TRUST in God’s provision for your ministry, He won’t let you down.

Bless God!

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